Our Mission

Our mission is to develop global leaders, engage the culture, and touch the world.
At Global Vision Christian School Broadfording, we are changing the world, one student at a time.

Our Vision

We seek to empower students worldwide to strive for excellence as they discover God’s unique purpose and plan for their lives. We desire to develop students who are REAL; that is, cultivating a Relationship with Christ, becoming Equipped to serve others, growing Active in using their talents for Him, and pursuing a lifetime of Learning.

Our Story

Our Story

Global Vision Christian School Broadfording began as Broadfording Christian Academy in 1973. The founder, Dr. William H. Freed, Jr., had a vision for changing the world for Christ. The school initially developed as one of the mission outreach programs of Broadfording Church. Over time, the leadership team dreamt of an international school tailored to meet every student’s needs.

Global Vision Christian School in South Korea began in 2003. It’s founder, Pastor Jean Seok Nam, also had a vision for international Christian education. BCA and GVCS began a partnership in 2010 that has grown into Global Vision Christian School Broadfording.

Over the years, GVCS Broadfording grew into an international school with strategic partnerships worldwide. The school provides educational opportunities to students from over 60 countries! GVCS Broadfording’s Pre-K through 12th-grade program includes a rich variety of art, music, athletics, drama, and school service. GVCS Broadfording graduates have successfully gained college admission, entered the workforce, joined the military, entered full-time missions, or attended trade schools.

GVCS Broadfording believes that God has a purpose for every child, and that’s what makes the academic program unique. GVCS Broadfording tailors the academic program to meet each student’s needs by offering a range of learning options, including a traditional academic program, individualized tutoring and therapy (NILD; Orton Gillingham), online learning, homeschooling, and hybrid learning. GVCS Broadfording is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible to be God’s inerrant Word that guides us on how to think and act. At Global Vision, we aim to inspire a love for God’s Word that encourages students to change the world for Christ.

Our Superintendent

Our Superintendent