Changing the world
one student at a time

Changing the world one student at a time

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop global leaders, engage the culture, and touch the world.
At Global Vision Christian School Broadfording, we are changing the world, one student at a time.

Meet GVCS Broadfording

Meet GVCS Broadfording

Stacy McCole
Middle School Teacher

Pastor Bill Wyand

Pastor Bill Wyand

Elementary School Parent

High School Parent

High School Parent

Elementary, Middle, and High School Parent

Discover GVCS Broadfording

Discover GVCS Broadfording

Rigorous Academics

With STEM & arts programs as well as multiple AP classes, your child’s natural gifts will be fostered, equipping them for future careers.

Competitive Athletics

Student-athletes can participate in one or more sports as well as compete against their peers.



Here your child with learning challenges can utilize NILD Therapy, Orton-Gillingham Tutoring, certified therapists, and 504 plans for an optimal education specifically tailored for their needs.

International School

Worried about your child needing friends? Thanks to our strategic geographical location, our diverse student body includes many local families from MD, PA, & WV as well as international students, offering more opportunities for your student to make friends and learn about the world.

college & Career Guidance

For your high schoolers, our instructors develop education plans based on interest & talent to help students get into their chosen colleges or job fields. (The senior class of 2024 alone earned approximately $2 million in college scholarship offers!)

After-School Clubs

Just some of the many extracurriculars students can try include drama club, Taekwondo club, math club, robotics club, DECA business club, mentorship club, & way more!

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Our graduates have gone on
to attend these colleges & universities: