Our mission is to develop global leaders, engage the culture, and touch the world. At Global Vision Christian School Broadfording, we are changing the world, one student at a time.


Global Vision Christian School Broadfording began as Broadfording Christian Academy in 1973. The founder, Dr. William H. Freed, Jr., had a vision for changing the world for Christ. The school initially developed as one of the mission outreach programs of Broadfording Church. Over time, the leadership team dreamt of an international school tailored to meet every student’s needs.


Meet our incredible staff! Our team is committed to valuing each member of the Global Vision Christian School Broadfording family and helping our students grow in academics and their relationship with Christ.

spiritual Life

Every person is a spiritual being. At GVCS Broadfording, while we are concerned about whether our students are following the rules, we are more concerned about the heart transformation occurring in each one of us. This emphasis is for administration, teachers, staff, volunteers, and students.

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