International Students

International Students

Not long ago, we lived in a world where a person was rarely required to work or travel beyond the bubble of their home region. However, with the advent of modern internet our children’s generation will consequently interact routinely with people, cultures, and industries from all around the globe.

If you’re looking for ways to prepare your child to live and work in this shrinking world, look no further than our international school.

We’re proud to cross international boundaries with students from around the world (currently, over 15 countries are represented in the student body). Our students think, serve, and travel globally.

It is important in this day of the “flat world” for our students to have a better understanding of others who may be very different from themselves – their lives, their lifestyles, their activities, their customs, and their cultures.

GVCS Broadfording is an international school with a program tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Because students entering the United States for school require an F-1 student visa, certain policies and procedures are required for all international students. Following these policies closely will improve the student’s chances of securing an F-1 student visa. For U.S. students who wish to travel abroad for a season of learning, our experienced administrators will work with them to acquire the documents required to study in the country of their choice.

Meet Esther

Country of Origin: Rwanda

“[Being at GVCS Broadfording] I was able to mature as a person and be responsible for my actions. To learn how to make decisions and just grow and become independent… I was able to learn a new language that I’ll probably be using for the rest of my life.”

International Student Checklist

Are you interested in studying in the U.S.? Check out our list to see what it takes to get into GVCSB.