High School Academics

High School Academics

To best fit the varied needs of our student body, in high school, GVCS Broadfording offers three different academic tracks (academic, advanced academic, and general) to meet the needs of each student. The academic route offers in-depth classes and requires higher passing grades to prepare students for college or trade school. The advanced track provides the most challenging courses, which involve AP and college-level, dual enrollment classes. Under special circumstances, a student may be placed in the general track, which follows a traditional path of courses including math, English, science, and some Bible classes. Students work with our guidance advisors to determine their career or higher academic goals and choose a corresponding track.


GVCSB holds up-to-date accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) & Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


In addition to all the traditional courses offered in all the disciplines, students also have the option to take some online courses, dual enrollment college courses, and even creative internships in a career field they may wish to pursue. Honors and AP courses are available. Students are encouraged to participate in activities, clubs, sports, and more.


Athletics offer students valuable opportunities to develop character, cooperation, selflessness, integrity, and perseverance. In the crucible of competition students find themselves tested in a learning environment that is difficult to replicate in the classroom.

Yet it is in the spirit of competition that many students learn skills that set them up for life.

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