Homeschool With GVCS

Homeschool with GVCS

Global Vision Christian School Broadfording’s Homeschool program exists to support families in educating their children at home. We provide administrative oversight and accountability that satisfy Maryland’s requirements for home instruction under the supervision of a non-public school.

Do you want to homeschool but aren’t sure where to start? Or are you a veteran looking for a curriculum for your highschooler? Either way, you’re a family with a desire to educate your child with a Biblical Worldview. The GVCS Broadfording Homeschool Program is committed to supporting your philosophy and lifestyle by providing you with a rigorous academic program to ensure your students are prepared for life.


We encourage each of our students to explore, seek out, and fulfill God’s purpose in their lives while providing them with the academic (aka math and reading) and life (aka test-taking strategies) skills needed for success. Global Vision Christian School Broadfording views home education as an alternative method of Christian education, not as a tool for select course remediation or advancement.

High School

If you homeschool your child in partnership with GVCS Broadfording, they will receive a diploma, equivalent of those students that attend the brick & mortar school. Your student can use this diploma for job and college applications.

Depending on your student’s post-graduation goals, three diploma options are available for homeschooled students upon successful completion of pre-approved courses.

They are as follows: a general school diploma, an academic diploma, and an advanced academic diploma. While the school seeks to challenge every student, each track becomes progressively more demanding in advanced levels. Home school students enrolled in the GVCS Broadfording Home School Program are also invited to participate in graduation ceremonies.


A cumulative record for each GVCS Broadfording home school student is kept in the school office. Transcripts are available upon request and can be sent to colleges or jobs as needed.



You’re not alone in your homeschooling journey. You’ve got the parental instinct and drive, and we’re here to back you up! Educational support, guidance, and