Whether you’re looking for your elementary student to burn off extra energy, your middle schooler to build character, or your high schooler to play competitively, there’s a spot for your student!

Athletics offer students valuable opportunities to develop character, cooperation, selflessness, integrity, and perseverance. In the crucible of competition students find themselves tested in a learning environment that is difficult to replicate in the classroom. Yet it is in the spirit of competition that many students learn skills that set them up for life. Here are a few of the benefits your child will gain:

  • Compete in the sport of their choice
  • Gain physical agility and strength
  • See Christ-like character traits modeled by their coaches & real time application
  • Learn to identify strengths and weaknesses, then strategize to improve
  • Build discipline
  • Varsity athletics serve as a forum for excellence for athletes committed to discipline, hard work, sport-specific skill development, and persistence.

Awards & accomplishments

MDCC Conference Champs

Girls varsity basketball team won the MDCC conference championship two years in a row. In 2024.


Recently, student athletes committed to the following universities to play college sports:

  • Girls track: San Diego State University
  • Boys basketball: Waynesburg State University, Juniata
  • College boys baseball: Wayland Baptist University, Grove City College, Chesapeake College, State Fair Community College
  • Boys soccer: Harford Community College

NCSAA National Champs

The girls team also won the National Christian School Athletic Association Division 2 National Championship, competing with other schools from around the country before taking home the trophy.