At Global Vision Christian School Broadfording, we believe every child has value and brings a unique set of skills to the table. We provide an array of academic opportunities designed to grow a child’s natural abilities while also challenging them to become the best they can be. We aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning that goes beyond their school experience. When students graduate, we want them to be equipped to use their talents to serve God and others.


There’s never a dull moment in preschool at Global Vision Christian School Broadfording unless it’s naptime! A day in preschool is balanced between work and play. All the while, they’re learning foundational skills to set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.


Here’s where your child begins their formal education experience. Building on the foundations of preschool to forge their way, your student begins learning essential literacy and mathematical skills as they prepare for elementary school.


One of our main goals is to keep the love for learning alive in each student and this applies to elementary especially. We identify and address learning differences, enabling us to be creative in our classroom management and instruction. As such, students are empowered to continue learning as they grow