School isn’t just about checking off boxes. It’s about learning knowledge and skills while gaining practical experience so that students are equipped for the real world. Families and students deserve to dream big!

To ensure students reach their life goals, Global Vision Christian School Broadfording understands the importance of providing college and career guidance to high school students. In addition to emphasizing practical post-high school skills such as goal-setting and time management, GVCS Broadfording provides a series of services designed to prepare our students for their post-high school goals.


  • Conversations and individualized student success plans geared towards achieving parent and student goals
  • PSAT testing for 11th graders
  • SAT and ACT registration booklets & current information on relevant tests for preparation
  • Scholarship opportunities and regular announcements to students and families
  • Announcements for local college and career fairs
  • Financial aid information including FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • College catalogs and resources
  • Career shadowing and career internship opportunities
  • Accommodations for testing of students with learning disabilities
  • Parent and student workshops on college skills, college planning, and scheduling requirements
  • Visits and presentations by college and career representatives
  • Workshops on career readiness
  • Partnership, for dual credit coursework, with Hagerstown Community College Essence Program, Shippensburg University, Grand Canyon University, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

College & Career Prep


SAT and ACT registration booklets; current information on relevant tests. Plus PSAT testing for 11th graders.

College Resources

College workshops, College & Career Fair announcements, and college catalogs & resources. Plus visits & presentations by college & career representatives.

Scholarships & FAFSA

Scholarship opportunities and regular announcements to students & families. Plus FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) information!

Student Accommodations

Testing accommodations for students with learning disabilities.