Kindergarten Academics

Kindergarten Academics

Kindergarten should serve as a springboard into elementary school where academics begin to increase in rigor. As such, we continue to keep “Stuffed Animal Day” from PreK while incorporating more academics like STEM activities. We also begin venturing out further into the world with field trips of all kinds.

Here are a few of the highlights your Kindergartner will experience:

  • Weekly music, physical education, and art classes
  • STEM/computer/tech learning activities
  • Learning centers
  • Daily read aloud time
  • Show and tell
  • Off-site field trips (for example the pumpkin patch)
  • On-site “field trips” (examples: visit from local farmers with goats, cows, horses, sometimes other animals; visit from local fire company with safety lesson and a fire truck)

Orton Gillingham

To teach reading, we use the multi-sensory techniques of the Orton Gillingham method. This means that with every concept we teach using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic senses simultaneously to enhance learning and meaning. We focus on phoneme, phonemic awareness, and phonological awareness.

Teaching For Transformation

For all subjects, we use the Teaching for Transformation method which incorporates using simple to complex FLEx (formational learning experiences) projects to enhance the learning approach. In this method, the teacher has a theme for the school year and builds learning across subjects around that theme.

Before & After Care

For families that need extended care hours, GVCS Broadfording has you covered. No more going through your contacts to see who can bring or pick up your children from school. Our extended care services operate from 6:30-8:15 a.m. and 3:30-6:00 p.m. An additional fee applies.

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