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NamePhoneEmail Address
Baer, Steve - HS Math/Science Teachersteve.baer
Bergstrom, Mrs. Julia - Chapel Coordinatorjulia.bergstrom
Blair, Mrs. Cindy - Kindergarten Teacherext. 204cindy.blair
Boutieller, Lori - Music Teacherlori.boutieller
Brown, Mrs. Brenda - Preschool Teacherext. 203brenda.brown
Burkett, Mrs. Denise - Keyboarding/Microsoft Office Teacherext. 105denise.burkett
Cartwright, Mr. Joe - Physical Education & Science Teacher ext. 113joe.cartwright
Clever, Mrs. Dianna - 1st Grade Teacherext. 205dclever
Cook, Mrs. Pam - 2nd Grade Teacherext. 102pam.cook
Cormany, Mr. Spencer - Tech Departmentext. 153 (shared)spencer.cormany
Cox, Mrs. Molly - Middle School/Discovery Teacherext. 233molly.cox
Cox, Scott - Director of Advancementscott.cox
Crider, Mr. Seth - Director of Information Technologyext. 153 (shared)seth.crider
Crutchfield, Mrs. Patty - Business Managerext. 163registrar
Dobbs, Mr. Doug - Librarian/Blended Schools/Teacherext. 106 (shared)doug.dobbs
Dobbs, Mrs. Sal - Honors Program/Spanish Teacherext. 156sal.dobbs
Duffey, Mr. Kevin - Maintenance
Duffey, Mrs. Sandy - Cafeteria Managerext. 115cafeteria
Ellis , Mr. Matt - Dean of Studentsext. 151matt.ellis
Errichetto, Mrs. Katelyn - middle school teacherext. 232katelyn.errichetto
Fields, Mrs. Sandra - Registrarext. 154 (shared)sandra.fields
Fields, Ms. Jessica - International Programs Coordinatorext. 157 (shared)jessica.fields
Gayman, Hannahhannah.bywaters
Gillaspie, Ms. Sarah - 6th Grade & MS Math Teacherext. 231sarah.gillaspie
Haldeman, Mrs. Lisa - School Secretaryext. 150bcaoffice
Hirsch, Mrs. Valerie - 4th Grade Teacherext. 103valerie.hirsch
Horst, Mrs. Tina - Assistant Librarianext. 106tina.horst
Jones, Mr. Jerry - MS & HS Math Teacherext. 111jerry.jones
Karroll, Mrs. Patty - Elem., MS & HS Art/Health Teacherext. 206elemart
Koontz, Mrs. Angie - International Host Family Coordinatorext. 157 (shared)angie.koontz
Litten, Mrs. Rhonda - Extended Care Managerext. 234rhonda.litten
Luhn, Mrs. Elizabeth - HS Guidance Coordinator/NHS ext. 152hsguidance
Maliskas, Dr. Ed - History, Geography, Englishext. 202ed.maliskas
Oliver, Ms. Vicki - HS Math & Science Teacherext. 108vicki.oliver
Ott, Mrs. Cora Lee - 3rd Grade Teacherext. 101coralee.ott
Redding, Mrs. Rebecca - MS/HS Teacherext. 157rebecca.redding
Renner, Mrs. Rosalind - 5th Grade Teacherext. 104rosalind.renner
Rohrbaugh, Mrs. Shelly - 2/3 Year Old Preschoolext. 201shelly.rohrbaugh
Rohrer, Mr. Aaron - MS & HS Bible Teacher/Chapel Leaderext. 112aaron.rohrer
Spicer, Mrs. Christy - HOPE Director/NILD Therapist ext. 161christy.spicer
Stickler, Mr. G.P. (Chip) - Instrumental Music Teacherext. 214chip.stickler
Tait, Mr. Austin - International Student Counselorext. 157austin.tait
Taylor, Cathy - Science Teachercathy.taylor
Thornsbury, Mrs. Mari Beth - HS History Teacherext. 109maribeth.thornsbury
Torres, Mrs. Celia - Home School Director/NILD Therapist ext. 211celia.torres
Tussing, Mrs Jomar - HS Science Teacherext. 242jomar.tussing
Welch, Mr. Keith - high school teacherext. 110keith.welch
Wert, Mrs. Sheryl - high school teacherext. 110sheryl.wert
Wyand, Mr. Jacob - Accounts Payable/Receivable/Athleticsext. 154 (shared)jacob.wyand
Wyand, Mrs. Amy - Preschool Teacherext. 213amy.wyand
Wyand, Pastor R. William - Superintendent/BBBC Pastor ext. 160pastor