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The BCA Lions Booster Club needs YOU! 

Our vision is to provide financial
and moral support for the athletic program at BCA and to facilitate ways to reach
out to the community through athletics and other ways.  We need you to support
our activities...Pray for us, invite friends and participate in our activities, suggest
ideas, or volunteer.  Volunteer commitments range from club leader to volunteering.
From helping with events to donating items. My prayer is that through supporting and
strengthening the athletic program, we can provide BCA with good publicity and
ultimately more ways to reach out and spread the Word.

Check out what's going on with the boosters!

Valentine's Date Night Babysitting

P.E. Clothing Rental
Make sure you bring your prize entry tickets to all the home games for your chance to win a prize!  CLICK HERE if you have misplaced yours.

Please consider helping the BCA Lions Booster Club in one or more of the
following ways:  club leader, project manager, volunteer, donate, publicize, pray,
and participate.  For updated information, please visit our facebook page (www.facebook.com/bcalionsboosterclub) or email

So far, the Booster Club has been able to purchase uniforms for the Boys Middle School Basketball Team and the Girls Middle School Basketball Team, Agility ladders for general use, Grass seed for the soccer field, and will be repairing the outdoor bleachers when the weather warms.  All this was made possible through the Fall Fest, MANY concessions stands, and the Last Minute Christmas Shop.  Just think of what we can all accomplish if we work together for the benefit of our children and our school!
Do you have some good ideas?  Do you have a heart for encouraging and providing moral support for our athletes?  Do you have a heart for outreach and facilitating those opportunities to help our athletes become good role models?  Do you have enthusiasm and creativity for fundraising?  We are still looking for leaders in all of those categories as well as ideas and plenty of volunteers to help.

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