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     /files/images/Examine.jpgOur driving vision is that BCA will become a valuable and effective educational ministry that
will partner with families of children from preschool through 12th grades. Many families are looking for alternatives that will provide a solid, Biblical foundation for a high quality education. They want their children to become equipped through knowledge, service, integrity, and truth. Broadfording Christian Academy is building the foundation for becoming an exemplary alternative for accomplishing that mission for Jesus Christ. We have an opportunity to serve as a Biblically-based, educational response to the arbitrary values and self-serving philosophies of our modern culture. At BCA, we seek to develop students who will recognize the importance of a vibrant relationship with Christ, becoming equipped to serve others, actively using their gifts and talents for Him, and becoming life-long learners.

     We need a sense of urgency tempered by compassion for the future of our children. We are committed to the success of a school like Broadfording where every child is viewed as having a unique and specific purpose as ordained by our Father. It is with that sense of urgency, combined with the desire to be what God intends for us, that we continuously strive for excellence in all that we do. I believe you will sense our dedication to building relationships with our kids that seek to promote their spiritual growth while providing a rigorous academic program. 

     Why do parents choose BCA? Many tell us it's because they sense a genuine desire among staff to see every child grow spiritually and academically. Others tell us they can sense a strong vision for the direction of the school and a commitment to meeting student needs in all of our programs. At BCA, we strive to meet a wide diversity of student needs by providing academic excellence in a caring environment. We attribute the reasons our families are here to the direction of Jesus Christ. While we appreciate positive feedback regarding the goals we are striving to accomplish, we know we are far from perfect and live in the glorious light of God's amazing grace. Therefore, we will neither rest nor be satisifed as we continue to evaluate ourselves in light of God's Word, listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, heeding the counsel of our families, and continuing to seek ways of meeting the spiritual and academic needs of our students.

     Broadfording is an established Christian school founded in 1973. We are continuing to establish a solid foundation for becoming all that God wants us to be by providing the resources and the opportunities for our students to grow. What has BCA done lately? Here is a summary of some of the more significant developments at BCA:

*    Full accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as well as the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools;

*    Two computer labs and technology-integrated classrooms, SMART-boards, laptop systems and an in-house broadcasting studio for schoolwide, multimedia presentations;

*     Online teaching and learning resources to support individualized instruction for both day and home school students (anytime/anywhere access);

*   The implementation of the Cable in the Classroom project which enables us to take advantage of educational programming on both our cable channels and our broadband internet connection;

*       The new International Student Program involving foreign exchange students from the countries of Korea, China, and Gambia;

*    The commitment to self-evaluation and instructional excellence as well as a progressive approach to providing alternative learning options through technology for both enrichment and remediation;

*    The implementation of a fully automated library system allowing teacher access to topic-specific materials in our library;

*    High quality direction, support, and extracurricular opportunities for the BCA Home School Program;

*    Multiple web resources and a progressive vision regarding technology integration for BCA students, parents, and staff;

*    WIFI technology on the BCA campus with mobile projection systems to enhance the utilization of the internet and computer technology for classroom instruction;

*    Expansion of our SAT-10 standardized testing program through 11th grade so we can measure our progress, evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and meet the unique needs of our students;

*    Expansion of college and career guidance program to further prepare students for entering post-high school colleges and careers;

*    Technology-driven security measures across the campus of BCA;

*    A HOPE Learning program designed to meet the needs of children with mild learning disabilities in grades 3-8, the acquisition of NILD-certified instructors and the implementation of the Passport Reading Program for struggling readers.

      We look forward to your visit! We'd love to meet you!