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Broadfording Christian Academy Athletics  

Recent Accomplishments:

Girls' Varsity Volleyball 


MDCC Champions          2009

MCST Champions        2009

NACA Div. 1 National Runner Up   2009

Boys' Varsity Soccer

MCST Champions                 2009

MCST Champions                     2010

MDCC Champions                2011

Boys' Varsity Basketball

MCST Champions                             2010

MDCC Champions               2011

Boys' Varsity Baseball

MDCC Champions                2011

BCA Athletics

BCA offers interscholastic sports at the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school levels in the following sports:


  • Co-ed Golf
  • Co-ed Cross Country
  • Boys' Middle School Soccer
  • Boys' Varsity Soccer
  • Girls' Middle School Volleyball
  • Girls' JV/Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls' Cheerleading
  • Girls' Middle School Basketball
  • Girls' JV/Varsity Basketball
  • Boys' Middle School Basketball
  • Boys' JV/Varsity Basketball
  • Girls' Middle School Soccer
  • Girls' Varsity Soccer
  • Boys' Varsity Baseball/files/images/girls varsity soccer.jpg

Athletics offer students valuable opportunities to develop character, cooperation, selflessness, integrity, and perseverance. It is in the crucible of competition that students find themselves tested in a learning environment that is difficult to replicate in the classroom. Yet it is in this spirit of competition that many students learn to apply Christ-like attributes and learn to identify strengths and weaknesses in the journey towards the development of personal character. Varsity athletics serve as a forum for excellence for athletes committed to discipline, hard work, sport-specific skill development, and persistence.

Download the Student-Athlete Handbook

Download the Guidelines for Parent-Coach Communication